C’est la vie…

Everyone remembers the end of every fairytale you’ve ever heard in your life: “…and they lived happily ever after” and we all love it. But nobody ever tells you what comes next.

Life, that’s what comes next.

Life with all it’s ups and downs that make it worthwhile living.

Life, where you meet your friends who become your fairy god mother since they help you through all the crap that comes your way.

Life, where you meet and fight your villain who can be your weight, your boss, your teachers or anybody you want depending the moment of your life that you’re living.

Life, where you meet your prince charming. They guy who’s really charming at the beginning when you see nothing wrong in him, but after a few weeks you start realizing everything that’s wrong with him. But you stand strong because it’s worth it to work around his, and your, imperfections just to be with him. Because he makes you a better person. And because, all in all, the good is so much more than the bad.

Life, the magic thing we have that’s composed of amazing little moments that make it so awesome.

Life, our own little miracle in a day to day basis.