Well hello there!

I indulged a bit too much today since I gave myself a sort of prize. I’ve lost 39 pounds all in all and I’m so happy about it, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop there. I have a long way to go but today was definetly not a dieting day. Tomorrow we continue. 


Week’s goal

This week’s goal is 5 pounds, bringing me to 185. I’m doing everything in my power. Wish me luck!


Today’s workout it’s done. 45 min walk/run alternation at the olympic park.

190! Working it babe!

Baby Shower Day

Ate crappy food that means tomorrow all diet! Woot woot!

It’s Goal time!

As the song says “THIS IS MY NOW”. It’s my time to become who I’ve always wanted to be. The goal is set and I can do it.

My highest: 194 lbs, may 2011.

My highest: 194 lbs, may 2011.


I gave up once, twice, just so many times that I’ve lost count. This time I’m doing my best. I’m trying. I’m staying strong. I’ll get there. The goal is set. The bar is high, but I can reach it.